Monday, April 26, 2010

Australian Book Arts Journal

I've been featured in the first edition of this local publication, Australian Book Arts Journal.  For the article, I was interviewed by the publisher and editor, Linda Douglas - we discussed my art career, influences, and working ethics. The article spans 6 pages, including photos, some colour.

Linda found me through my Traffic Signal Box artworks around northern Brisbane.

Australian Book Arts Journal was launched at the 5th Australian Artists' Book Forum at Mackay earlier this month.  Linda will be publishing the magazine quarterly and is available by subscription.  Linda's email is

There are some very interesting articles about galleries, artists and artist books - in Linda's words "this journal is about people and their life's work, their inner thoughts and their soul."


  1. Sandra, great to see your prints at the Botanical gardens and then again here. Love what you are doing with your work. How is your press working ? Cheers Sharon

  2. Hi Sharon, I love my press (named 'Thumper')! I've had it nearly 2 years now and use it regularly for printing monotypes. I've even run a couple of workshops with it. I love doing monotypes and sharing the fun! I'm currently working on building up a body of work for a solo monotype exhibition in early 2012 at Myrtle Street Studio, so keep a lookout for my latest on my blog!