Sunday, May 24, 2020

Drawing inspiration from the natural world

I've developed a new habit - notetaking - when out and about walking, riding, or kayaking in local bushland and creek areas.  It's a habit which I've developed since I've started exploring poetry and creative writing.  My goal is to get impressions and words out of my head and down onto paper immediately when the thoughts come to me.  I've found that I think deeper and more creatively when I'm in the environment.  And I also forget to write things down I get back to the car or home.

I made a couple of simple pamphlet stitch notebooks using an old sketchbook and some reject prints. Even though I have lots of ready-made notebooks, its so nice to make your own.  It's also the perfect size to fit into the palm of my hand.

At home, I transcribe my notes into word lists, which I then use as a source for writing my poetry.  I've found that the notetaking is really helping me with my observation and attention skills when out in nature.  And writing it down in-situ avoids any memory frustrations 😊

Here's some examples of poetic exercises in which I've used my notes from a recent kayak trip:

Syllabic Verse - Two Stanzas of alternating 7-5-7 syllables

Olive green water, opaque
ripples mirror my
boat drifting with the current.

Horizontal branches reach
out, filtering light,
soft shadows and reflections.

Syllabic Verse - One stanza of verse running 3 6 1 4 8 4 1 6 3 syllables

Bronze liquid,
rhythm of paddle strokes,
clothed in shadows.
Mangrove honeyeater forest
ends suddenly,
water outflow like a

So much inspiration amongst the mangroves -
reflections, the smell of mud, honeyeaters,

Paddling a kayak and writing in my notebook
can be a challenge....but luckily my partner
Craig is very patient and waits for me.
He is already used to me taking photos and
a few selfies!

My handmade notebook, also
challenging to keep it dry when
out on the water
Some of my notes....errrrr....scribbled

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